Premio Ubu 2022 for best sound project/original music

direction and dramaturgy Riccardo Fazi
with Marco Cavalcoli, Ivan Graziano,
Monica Piseddu, Arianna Pozzoli

original music performed live Lorenzo Tomio

outside eye Claudia Sorace
technical direction and lights Maria Elena Fusacchia
administration, organization and production
Grazia Sgueglia, Silvia Parlani, Valentina Bertolino

executive production Index Muta Imago
with the support of MIC
and  Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio
Progetto Prender-si cura

fotography Joanna Piotrowska

Can one travel through time with sound? Can one construct an aural narrative that takes shape only in the minds of the spectators?

Ashes is an aleph of sounds flowing parallel, a stream of overlapping moments, making themselves heard for an instant before disappearing. A concert for voices and music performed live, an immersive sound journey: a reflection on the imaginative power of sound and word, on the importance of the “now” and its characteristics of impermanence, so fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

A sequence of events unfolds seamlessly: short fragments of private lives, birthdays, parties, deaths, falls, killings, animals, Christmas trees, dinosaurs, microbiology, geology, everything that passes and does not remain, but defines and gives precise meaning to the lives of us human beings. The four performers talk, play, scream, fight, confess secrets and make declarations of love. Voices that spawn dinosaurs and wolves, mushrooms and minke whales, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, who only for a moment are in that time and space, ready to disappear with the evanescence of fading breath. It is only their voices that realizes presence, creates worlds, weaves relationships, generates visions.

Marco Cavalcoli, Monica Piseddu, Arianna Pozzoli, Ivan Graziano talk, play, scream, fight, confess secrets, make declarations of love, in a space that never changes, in a single spot on earth, like there are millions of others, special and anonymous at the same time.